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How to replaced the brake lining ?


The function of the brake pad of the car is very important. If the wear is serious, there may be a situation where the brake pad does not stop the car, so to what extent do you want to change the brake pad?
1. General vehicles will automatically alarm, when the brake pad is worn to the extent that it needs to be replaced, on the dashboard of the car, it will prompt the owner to replace the brake pad.

2, if there is no automatic alarm function, the owner should not worry too much, usually the brake pad will have a small groove, when the brake pad wear to the position of the small groove, you need to replace the new brake pad.

3, the owner can visually inspect, the thickness of the new brake pad is about 1cm, the owner observed that when the thickness of the brake pad is 3mm, the brake pad is worn too thin, the owner should replace the new brake pad in time.
brake pad