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Hamako is a professional China Clutch Facing Manufacturers and China Hamako suppliers. When you’re operating heavy-duty equipment, you depend on your clutch more than you may realize. For this reason, having a quality clutch facing is essential.

Purpose of a Clutch Facing When you engage your clutch, you transfer power from your vehicle’s engine to your transmission system. During this process, your clutch facing makes sure that the gears don’t grind against one another. It also provides support and elasticity in your gear area.

You need a clutch because your engine constantly spins, but your industrial vehicle’s wheels don’t. Your clutch allows you to disconnect your wheels from the engine. As a result, you can stop your vehicle without killing your engine.

However, the clutch facing is just as important, as it helps to ensure that your clutch operates at its optimal level.
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We are professional in manufacturing Clutch Facing Hamako is one of the Clutch Facing manufacturers and suppliers made in China. We also offer cheap quality items. Our products have obtained CE certification. If you want to buy discounted items, you can get low prices from the factory. Our products can provide good service such as customization. Our products have our own brand, not only price list and quotation, but also samples can be provided. You can buy our advanced products with confidence. Welcome friends and customers at home and abroad to visit the factory.
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